Piano Lessons for Young Beginners

(Individual and group piano lessons for children ages 5 and up in Edinburgh)

Music activities are very beneficial for brain development. It is acknowledged that children learning to play a musical instrument develop better concentration, memory, language, mathematical and reading skills as well as self-esteem, self-discipline and emotional intelligence. Music helps to “hear” what certain feelings sound like and tell what emotion is evoked by a particular piece of music. It helps children to get “in touch” with what they are feeling and express themselves through music making.It also nurtures one's ability to be creative and think outside the box. It’s no coincidence that Einstein was a master violinist and a revolutionary physicist. Albert Einstein's mother was a talented musician who made musical expression a part of daily home life when her children were growing up. Einstein once said, "Life without playing music is inconceivable to me. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music ... I get most joy in life out of music."

I provide a solid foundation in piano technique and musicianship so that my students are empowered to explore any kind of music and realize their highest potential. Pupils are encouraged to learn through a process of exploration and discovery that ignites imagination and creativity. In the process of learning to play piano, the student not only develops as musician but as a person. I offer a Fun, Creative and Holistic approach that uses the Power of Music to help each student grow in confidence and character. Children learn to set their own goals, work independently and manage their home practice time.

During the first lessons children learn keyboard geography and note names, sing and play short songs by ear, play musical games, improvise and create sound pictures on the piano. I take into consideration the attention span of young children and keep the activities short and engaging. Depending on a child's interests and other family commitments we choose an individual program of study. I offer a "light piano" and an "intensive piano" programs. Families that choose "light" piano option have a weekly 30 min lesson. A 10-15 min daily practice is usually recommended at the beginning. "Intensive" program consists of two 45 min lessons or at least one 1 hour weekly lesson and requires more dedication and parental involvement.

Whatever program you choose I believe that parents need to be involved in helping their child schedule practice time through middle school at a minimum. I teach my own son and still remind him to get to the piano daily. I found out that the best way to do it is to set the alarm clock. The more piano becomes a regular routine, the more successful a child will be at it. I believe that we as parents need to encourage our children in their practice and insist upon it. Parents are very welcome to sit in the lessons and take notes that will help children to remember what they did in the lesson and what needs to be done at home.

Piano Lessons for Adult Beginners

Piano lessons aren’t just for the little ones. The truth is, a love of music knows no age, so whether you’re 5 or 95, piano lessons can be a fun, rewarding experience. Music is a wonderful outlet for self-expression and enjoyment and improves the everyday quality of life. Researchers studying the benefits of music have reported that playing a musical instrument on a regular basis can increase memory, relieve stress, reduce blood pressure and improve coordination. Furthermore, other results show that playing an instrument can raise your IQ up to 7 points!

If you are an adult wishing to start or resume piano lessons, I am happy to help you to discover your true musicality. I focus on making the learning an enjoyable and immediately rewarding experience. You can have fun playing piano straight away and make beautiful music. Come and learn the music you always wanted to play! Individual programs are available.

Piano Lessons for Intermediate and Advanced students

(Piano lessons for Children and Adults in Edinburgh)
After learning the basics of music and piano technique students are introduced to world famous classics and explore others styles and genres of music. There are many different techniques and methods and I use them to help my students to overcome technical and musical challenges and improve their piano playing. Students can choose to study towards ABRSM, LCM or Trinity qualifications or simply play the music they enjoy without being assessed.

Music is the great gift that keeps giving and, in the process, can transform the lives of those who study and listen to it.As a musician, I enjoy sharing music with others not only through teaching but also through performing. For piano students the opportunity to share what they have learned with friends and family can be a fun, motivational and rewarding experience. Students are encouraged to participate in Edinburgh Music Festival and in our Piano Parties and Yearly Concert for parents and friends. As a member of EPTA I provide my students with the opportunity to play in various piano masterclasses, concerts and competitions in the UK and worldwide. I also understand that playing in front of people can be very stressful for some students. It is entirely possible to enjoy playing piano without ever performing in public, and that may be the best choice for a student that finds performing stressful.

About the method

My teaching is based on a combination of the great European/Russian piano tradition with Recent Research in music education. I use an Integrated Holistic Approach that includes imagination and creativity, psychological, listening and technical skills. In the lessons we work on quality of sound, good healthy piano technique, fingering, harmony, sight-reading, theory and improvisation. I believe that a pupil learning to play a musical instrument should have a positive and happy experience! I use individual programs to suit the goals of my students and help them to become creative thinkers and independent learners.